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This upload function is only available to PC version and zip file (.zip)



Please ensure the artwork is in the correct dimensions and content for the product you are ordering, wrong measurement may cause delays to your order.

  File Format

  •   Major software: Photoshop, CorelDRAW13, Freehand, Illustrator Recommended artwork format: .jpg / .tiff
  •   All artwork should be supplied in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). To achieve a rich black, please ensure the CMYK value setting as (C:30%, M:30%, Y:30%, K:100%), failure to do this may result in blacks appearing grey.
  •   Illustrator: fonts converted to outlines
    Corel Draw: fonts converted to curves then export as Illustrator AI
  •   All artwork should be created in actual size with 1:1 scale of the product.

  Submit Artwork File

All artwork file will be uploaded to the FTP of our company, we will keep the information confidential. The file will be viewed by our staff only, third party is not allow to download or delete the file from our FTP in order to protect our customer privacy.

  • 1.  Save all artwork file into one folder
  • 2.  Zip the folder before uploading
  • 3.  Click “Choose Files” on the left and choose the appropriate zipped file
  • 4.  Click “Upload” and wait until the upload completed

*Attention: please be patient to wait until the file is completely uploaded before close the web page. This upload function is only available to zip file (.zip).